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Canary Web

Edinburgh Napier University
Canary Web screenshot

Canary Web is a companion project to another project of mine called Canary - an argument mining library I made as part of my honours project at university. I decided to make this pretty late on in my honours project. I had made this interesting machine-learning library and needed something to show how interesting it was. That's why Canary Web was created.

My idea to show off Canary was a web interface for the library. It allows users to upload a piece of text which is then fed to the Canary library. It then analyses it, and reports on what the machine learning algorithms found in the document. It also visualises the results and allows the user to export the results to a JSON document.

About me

Christopher Wales is a software engineer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He enjoys learning about and practicing multiple software development discplines such as application development, web development, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence. He works as a Software Engineer at Rohallion where he develops custom web solutions and holds a first-class degree with honours in Computer Science from Edinburgh Napier University.