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Screenshot of RAMP homepage

The Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) project is a website I worked on during early 2022. The goal of the project was to migrate a pre-existing Laravel website to Drupal 9. The website's purpose is to provide a register of musculoskeletal practitioners. To do so, practitioners apply to be listed on the register.

Due to the website being a migration, the entire site had to be rebuilt. This meant the database, backend code, frontend, payment vendor integration, etc, all needed to be reimplemented or migrated to the new site.

The RAMP project was successful and helped me learn a lot. The complexities of the project helped pushed my skills in many aspects and is a project I'm proud of.

About me

Christopher Wales is a software engineer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He enjoys learning about and practicing multiple software development discplines such as application development, web development, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence. He works as a Software Engineer at Rohallion where he develops custom web solutions and holds a first-class degree with honours in Computer Science from Edinburgh Napier University.