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Edinburgh Napier University
Screenshot of Foodel homepage

The Foodel project was one of the two summer internship projects I undertook in 2021.

The Foodel application is a software project that was developed to help charities and businesses to plan their food deliveries more efficiently. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to to efficiently plan deliveries. It is currently used by various charities in Edinburgh.

My role in this project was primarily to develop a custom installer for the Foodel application server that would tailor the users install based on their preference. I created an installer that integrated with GitHub and Maven that would compile the latest software artefacts, generate the necessary archives, and provide them to the user. I also created documentation for the project and aided in identifying software bugs and areas for improvement in the project

About me

Christopher Wales is a software engineer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He enjoys learning about and practicing multiple software development discplines such as application development, web development, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence. He works as a Software Engineer at Rohallion where he develops custom web solutions and holds a first-class degree with honours in Computer Science from Edinburgh Napier University.